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A great ice-breaker and creativity game. Players open up their minds and write down everything they see based on the card in play. Do you see a brain? Or a Hamburger bun? No answer is too crazy as long as you can convince your opponents of what you see.

To play, place a card face up on the table. Use a timer to count down a minute as players write lists of all the things they see in the image. A square, for example, becomes sugar cube, a yawning robot’s mouth, and the plan view of an elevator shaft. Repeat for three cards. Players then compare lists and earn points for each unique interpretation.

BrainSpin is more than just a fun card game. It's great for

  • a non-campy icebreaker
  • teaching empathy
  • encouraging visual thinking
  • teambuilding
  • showing the power of collaboration
  • building a design thinking mindset

Ages 7+

2 to 10 Players

Contents: Deck of 54 Brainspin cards and instructions

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