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Was it Madame Rose in the Carriage House with the Poison? Monsieur Brunette in the Trophy Room with the Horseshoe? Or was it our old friend Colonel Mustard whodunit in the Library with his trusty service Revolver?

This game of CLUE uses your sharpest detective skills to solve a murder mystery. In this expanded version of the classic CLUE game, there are more rooms, more weapons, more suspects- essentially more of what makes CLUE the beloved game that it is.

First introduced in the 1980's, this super-sized version of Clue adds up to a lot more mayhem! The late Mr. Boddy's country manor has a total of twelve possible Murder Locations, both outdoors and indoors, with secret passages, plus new "Snoop Spaces" that let you broaden your investigation. A vial of Poison and a Horseshoe bring the number of Weapons up to eight. And the devious bunch of Supsects has grown to ten with the addition of Miss Peach, Monsieur Brunette, Madame Rose and Sergeant Gray.

Turn by turn you probe, collecting evidence and pinpointing certain culprits, means, and rooms. Then, when you think you've got it, make your accusation: Whodunit? Where? With which weapon?

So shuffle the Suspect, Weapon and Murder Location cards, slip one of each into the Confidential Case File envelope -- and start sleuthing!

Ages 10+

Contents: Tri-Fold Oversized Gameboard, 30 Suspect, Weapon and Murder Location Cards, 10 Plastic Tokens, 8 Oversized Brass-Toned Metal Weapons, Detective Notebook Pad, Case File Envelope, 2 Dice, Rules Booklet with Clue History and Strategy.

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