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Gridopolis is an innovative and award-winning 3D strategy game that is ALSO a flexible and extendable game system. The amount it flexes or extends is up to you. 

Use any of the published blueprints to build your grid-set and start the game. The same rules apply to any configuration of grid-set. There is nothing else like it!

Each set comes with 217 total pieces. That’s enough for two, three, or four players. But, there are only seven unique parts in the entire Gridopolis system. This makes things easy to learn ─ and fun to play.  

For building, there are three parts. 

  • 63 Pads ─ where all of the action happens
  • 88 Links, for connecting pads horizontally
  • 16 Posts, for connecting pads vertically

There are three parts called nodes. These modify how a pad works. 

  • 12 Kingerizer Nodes
  • 6 Hyper-Pad Nodes
  • 8 Blocker-Box Nodes

Finally, 12 markers, for moving, jumping, and otherwise playing on the 3D grid-set.


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FULL PRICE: $39.99

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