Magic the Gathering: War of the Spark Sealed Prerelease Ticket - April. 27th


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War of the Spark is the next exciting set for Magic: The Gathering and features 36 Planeswalkers.

THE SEALED TOURNAMENT BEGINS AT 11AM ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 19TH. Online ticketing prior to that date is limited, but in-store signups will be available, and begin at 10AM on the day of the event.

Sealed Tournament prize payouts are:

4-0: $30 Store Credit

3-0-1: $24 Store Credit

3-1: $18 Store Credit

2-1-1: $12 Store Credit

2-2: $6 Store Credit

1-2-1: $3 Store Credit

All players will receive 2 packs after participating in a minimum of 2 rounds

Each player receives a War of the Spark Prerelease Pack with these, they make a 40 card deck. They will then play against 4 different players over 4 rounds


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