Arkham Horror: No Rest for the Wicked Event - Dec 2nd


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This event will start at 12:00 PM

Players should bring at least one investigator deck and any tokens that may be needed!

It is the year 1926, and Cairo has become a dangerous place. People throughout the city have succumbed to an endless slumber. They fall asleep and do not wake… still alive, but unresponsive even to the treatments of the city's best doctors. There are even rumors that some of Arkham's own are among the afflicted, and your old friend, Jessie Burke, has written to beg your assistance.

The time has come to travel to Cairo. You can heed your friend's pleas for help, confront The Eternal Slumber, and explore the city's darkest secrets at the 2018 Invocation Event for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

This year's kit offers:

  • Standalone scenario The Eternal Slumber from Gen Con Indy 2018
  • Gorgeously horrific playmats for Invocation 2018
  • Stylish set of card dividers
  • 2 extended art copies of Lucky!