Dungeons & Dragons with Mom - May 12, Session 1


We currently have 2 remaining.

A Dungeons & Dragons adventure in celebration of Mother's Day, sharing your love of the world's most popular roleplaying game with your mom.

What better way to take a break from your daily hardscrabble existence in Dewhurst than to come see the traveling carnival, set up just yonder in farmer Elas’ pasture?
This is a single-session adventure for 1st Level characters, ideal for moms with little or no experience in RPGs, and their accompanying kids of any experience level (11 years or older, please). Taking place in our newly painted Mirkwood Forest room, space is limited so please sign up early!
  • Campaign takes place from 11am-2pm.
  • Session is limited to three pairs of players.
  • Signups must take place in advance, via our ticketing webpage (link below).
  • The fee for this event is $30 per pair of players. Please type the names of both players in the "Players Registered" text box during payment checkout.
  • Each player will receive a pregenerated character of their choice*, and a set of 7 polyhedral roleplaying dice which they may choose from a wide, selected variety.
Enjoy your mom's company as you join other adventurers in a cooperative storytelling experience!
*1st Level characters may also be created ahead of time using the Adventurers League Players Guide:

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