Magic the Gathering: Ravnica Allegiance Sealed Prerelease Ticket - Jan. 19th


We currently have 0 remaining.

Online tickets are sold out but we will have more tickets available in store on the day of the event!

Ravnica Allegiance the next exciting set for Magic: The Gathering and features  259 new cards.

THE SEALED TOURNAMENT BEGINS AT 11AM ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 19TH. Online ticketing prior to that date is limited, but in-store signups will be available, and begin at 10AM on the day of the event.

When checking out, please add your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of guilds to the "Players Registered" text box. These will be noted and handed out as first come first serve to those who have pre-ordered .  

Sealed Tournament prize payouts are:

4-0: $30 Store Credit

3-0-1: $24 Store Credit

3-1: $18 Store Credit

2-1-1: $12 Store Credit

2-2: $6 Store Credit

1-2-1: $3 Store Credit

All players will receive 2 packs after participating in a minimum of 2 rounds

Each player receives a Ravnica Allegiance Prerelease Pack with these, they make a 40 card deck. They will then play against 4 different players over 4 rounds


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