Birds of a Feather


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1-7 players  |  15 min  |  Ages 9 and up  |  Website  |  App  |  Kickstarter Game   


Finally a game for bird watchers 

From the creator of Shadow Throne: a game about chasing birds instead of thrones. 

Birds of a Feather is an easy to learn, quick card game about exploring in search of birds! Over the course of a game, you'll play cards to determine where you explore and which birds you see. You'll see the bird you play, plus any other birds in the same location. Birds stick around for an extra round, too, so if you missed a bird you'll get a second chance to see it!



Designed in by Teale Fristoe, Berkeley |  Facebook  |  Twitter 
Downloadable ScoreSheet PDF  |  Errata

Locally Grown Game. Availability subject to seasonal fluctuations.










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