Hungry Hungry Hipsters


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2-8 players  |  30 min  |  Ages 13 and up  |  Website  |  Gameplay Demo

The game of eating the most pretentious food!

Be careful though, the other hipsters will accuse you of being a poser and eating food that is too mainstream. Show them up proper by eating that mainstream food ironically, that will put a fedora in their yapper!

The perfect gift for your favorite hipster. A fun and short game for those with easy rules. Players take turns placing food items and then attach modifiers to their own and each other's food. Positive modifiers make the food more pretentious, and you a better hipster. Negative modifiers make the food too mainstream, and you into a bad hipster. Special cards show up in the deck to complicate your life. 

The new box includes  136 cards and 15 blank customizable cards so you can invent your own foods and effects!


Designed by Doomed Legion Games, Dublin, CA  |  Facebook

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