Oar Else!


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3-5 players  |  30 min  |  Ages 8 and up  |  Website  |  Video Demo


A "cooperative" game in shark infested waters

Race to shore or find the items necessary for an immediate rescue. Play as a "team" or jump overboard and go it alone, overcoming torrential storms, blabbering parrots, pirate attacks, and simply losing your mind. 

In 'Oar Else!' everyone starts together, adrift at sea in a lifeboat. The game can be played cooperatively by paddling to shore together in the boat, collecting cumulatively fifteen paddle cards. An alternate win is for the group to find three out of four items necessary for the boat's immediate rescue.

However, players also have the option to jump overboard and "go it alone", taking their paddling contribution with them in the hopes of either paddling to shore before the boat or by achieving their personal immediate rescue scenario.



  • Order of Events cards (5) 
  • Lifeboat card (1) 
  • Life vest card (5) 
  • Immediate Rescue Scenarios (6) 
  • Paddling card (5) 
  • Rescue item cards (24) 
  • Ability cards (3) 
  • Paddle cards (25) 
  • Block/Attack cards (41) 
  • Food cards (7)

Designed by Flatcar6 Studios, East Bay  |  Twitter

Locally Grown Game. Availability subject to seasonal fluctuations.





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