Created by Jonathan Ng, Phang Jun Yu, and Keith Teo. Released in 2019.


Lord of the Chords Major Edition comes with:

  • 60 Note Cards and 44 Action Cards (310gsm black core stock with linen finish), 20 Accidental Tokens (sharp on one side, flat on the other),12 Key Signature Tiles (major key on one side, relative minor on the other), 16 Tonality Indicator Guitar Picks, 13 Instrument Tiles, 1 Cloth Bag, 52-Page Full-Colour Rulebook


  • "Who Let the Chords Out" Expansion containing:
    "What chord is that?" Advanced Chords Extension Pack
    "Satie-sfaction guaranteed" Extra Composer Puns Extension Pack
    "I'm not off-Key, I modulated" Modulation Extension Pack
    "Yes, I really need another guitar" Instrument Essentials Extension Pack
    "You just can't escape them" Conductor Cards Extension Pack
    For a total of 52 cards that add 9 symphonies worth of extra gameplay


  • Beautiful Piano Box travel case that fits the whole game - brighten up your music studio!
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