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From now until December 30th, we're giving you the opportunity to enjoy a different flash sale every two days!

Each deal will be announced in our social media (FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER) at 11AM Pacific every other day, and you'll have until 7PM Pacific the next day to take advantage, both in the store and here on our website.

We'll add the deals to the list below as time progresses so you can see what you might have gotten, and perhaps make some guesses as to what's coming up.

  • 12/30 to 12/31 - GoB "pays the tax": Purchases of $30 or more receive an 8.47% discount, storewide! (That's a calculated percentage based on numbers and stuff, that amounts to what the discount would be if our posted prices included tax already.) There are some products that we're not allowed to discount due to agreements with the publishers/manufacturers, but only very few. So take this opportunity and go to town!
  • 12/28 to 12/29 - 15% OFF the regular price of all PLAYING CARDS, including poker, novelty, bridge, cardistry, and trick decks.
  • 12/26 to 12/27 - Purchase any Trading Card Game or Collectible Card Game product, and receive a free, randomly chosen pack of protective card sleeves!
  • 12/23 to 12/24 - 20% OFF all STRATEGY GAMES (in the appropriate category here or in the Strategy aisle at our physical location). Let the last-minute shopping begin!
  • 12/21 to 12/22 - 10% OFF all Pop Culture/Intellectual Property themed TABLETOP GAMES and JIGSAW PUZZLES -- TV, video games, movies, comics, and even some puzzles related to tabletop gaming! 
  • 12/19 to 12/20 - All PlushToys are 20% off if you tell us what you're going to name them! (Or frankly, you can get the discount even if you don't, but why not have some fun with it?)
  • 12/17 to 12/18 - Buy a Gift Card in any amount, and we'll tack an extra 10% onto its value! PLEASE NOTE: Online orders will have the additional amount added after your purchase, and will not be reflected in your initial order confirmation. An email will follow with the added value confirmation.
  • 12/15 to 12/16 - For those of you who may have missed it early on, we're giving you another chance: 20% OFF the price of anything in our Kids' Games category!
  • 12/13 to 12/14 - 15% off the price of Staff Picks! In the store they're identifiable by a special label (you can ask an employee to point them out to you). We're excited to see whose favorites are chosen by the most customers!
  • 12/11 to 12/12 - 15% off all wargaming starter sets! This particular deal is only redeemable at our physical location -- if you're able to make it in, we have a safe shopping environment!
  • 12/9 to 12/10 - 10% off the purchase price of Cooperative Games! These can be found in the Co-Op aisle at our physical location, and in the Co-operative Games category here on our website. Working together for savings and fun!
  • 12/7 to 12/8 - Purchase $10 or more in RPG Accessories, and receive a free, randomly chosen RPG miniature! "Accessories" includes miniatures, terrain, map packs, battle mats, wet-erase pens, dice, and dice bags
  • 12/5 to 12/6 - 75% OFF the original price of all Red-Tag items! That's a huge savings on nearly 350 different items to choose from, with more being added as the weekend progresses. Find them in the Clearance & Red-Tag category here on the website, or keep an eye out for the red price labels throughout our physical store.
  • 12/3 to 12/4 - PUZZLERS! Make a purchase including one or more jigsaw puzzles, and you'll get 25% off a future puzzle purchase. (Specifically, 25% off the purchase price of one jigsaw puzzle of any size. In-store customers will receive a physical coupon that can only be redeemed at our physical location, and online customers will be emailed a discount code that can only be redeemed on our website. One discount per customer.)
  • 12/1 to 12/2 - GEAR UP - Get 10% off all Clothing in the store and here on our website! That's any t-shirts, hats, scarves, and even our Emergency Bowtie, but not pins, buttons, patches, or masks. (Unfortunately, we are not able to extend this offer to our CafePress or RedBubble shops.)
  • 11/29 to 11/30 - CATCH 'EM ALL! Purchase any Pokemon TCG product, and get a booster of your choice (not including Vivid Voltage) for free! In the store you can simply tell the cashier which you'd like, but if you purchase here online, please take a look at our available boosters and tell us in a note during the checkout process. If there's no note, we'll choose one for you at random. One free booster per customer.
  • 11/27 to 11/28 - 20% off ALL Star Wars X-Wing and Star Wars Legion items released prior to Friday 11/27/20. (So basically, everything that released prior to Black Friday.)
  • 11/25 to 11/27 - 10% off any game under $25! Due to the Thanksgiving holiday and limitations of our online shopping platform, this deal is extended through Friday 7PM, but is good only at our physical location. It will even overlap with the next deal that starts Friday at 11AM!
  • 11/23 to 11/24 - Buy 2 games from our "Bite-Sized" category and get a 3rd of lesser price for 50% off! Offer good until 7pm PT on 11/24/20 and limited to stock on hand.
  • 11/21 to 11/22 - Buy 5 hobby/miniatures/wargaming paints, and receive another randomly chosen paint for free. PLEASE NOTE: The random paint will NOT appear on your purchase invoice.
  • 11/19 to 11/20 - 10% OFF all Pop Culture/Intellectual Property themed TABLETOP GAMES and JIGSAW PUZZLES -- TV, video games, movies, comics, and even some puzzles related to tabletop gaming! Offer good until 7pm PT on 11/20/20, limited to stock on hand.
  • 11/17 to 11/18 - Buy three (3) "Blind Box" (or bag) collectibles and get a 4th of lesser price for free! Offer good until 7pm PT on 11/18/20, and limited to stock on hand.
  • 11/15 to 11/16 - 9¾ percent (9.75%) off all Harry Potter merchandise. That's any games, puzzles, pins, buttons, etc. related to both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, both in the store and online. We will donate an amount matching this promotion's discount (9¾ percent of the period's pre-tax sales total) to the Trans Women of Color Collective.
  • 11/13 to 11/14 - 20% off kids' games. Specifically, games in our Children's Board & Card Games category here, or the Kids' Games section of our store. Offer good until 7PM Pacific on 11/14/20, and limited to stock on hand.
  • 11/11 to 11/12 - Buy 3 golf discs at regular price, get 1 free. Free disc is the lowest-priced of the 4 you choose. You may purchase more discs to take further advantage of the offer. (E.g., buy 6 get 2, etc.) Mini or marker discs not included. Offer good until 7PM Pacific on 11/12/20, and is limited to stock on hand.
  • 11/9 to 11/10 - One (1) free set of dice with every purchase that includes an RPG core rulebook. Does not include supplements, campaign/adventure books, or quick start/abbreviated rules. Dice are randomly chosen by a staff member. Offer good until 7PM Pacific on 11/10/20, or until we run out of rulebooks or promos -- whichever comes first!