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We're working with the YWCA of Berkeley & Oakland to provide gifts to children from families facing financial (and other) hardships this season -- and you can help!

The YWCA has given us an anonymous list of children. We don't have their names or any other identifying information, but what we DO have is their ages and the kinds of things they're interested in. If you'd like to donate a gift to one of them ...

  • Come see us at the front counter. We'll give you the age & interests of one child (or more if you're feeling especially generous).
  • You select and pay for a gift from the 10,000+ items in our store.
  • We tag the item for the appropriate child.
  • The YWCA collects, wraps, and gets the gift to the appropriate family.
  • A little joy is paid forward!

For the time being we're only set up to facilitate this at our physical location, but we hope to be able to offer the option for online shoppers as well. We'll also post a donation cutoff date soon, so check back for that just in case.

Working together, Games of Berkeley, the YWCA, and you can make this a happier holiday season for some of our less fortunate local community members. It's our first year doing this, so let's start it with a bang!