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Omen Quest is a slight trick taking card game based around 5 rounds, where two players or a 4 player co-op on two teams try to out do their opponent with effective card combinations to win each round with the objective to win best out of 3 before the game ties into a death match in the 5th round.

Players maintain 5 cards or 3 cards for 4 players and expense coins to play card combinations. With some luck, and a bit of strategy of how you maneuver through your guild of cards that you burn haven cards to gain better hands, you must avoid burning too many of your haven cards or you instantly lose. Some players take risks, some play conservatively, if you have a good stride with your style it may work for you depending on the player you play against or it may fail you every time.

There are other strategies to win the game that may deplete your opponents coins disabling them from playing effective card combinations to win or playing your hand right forcing your opponent to burn a lot of haven cards. The tone switches drastically from a contemplative 2 player game to a very social 4 player game of banter and psyching as players trade cards and manage wins without doubt of winning the game.

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