Games of Berkeley Downstairs

So you've seen what we have in our store on the sales floor, but what about the stairs behind our store wizard? What secrets are hidden below? The short answer is; a labyrinth of games where even the bravest adventurer may get lost for days. Our warehouse is filled with traps so do not enter those halls, but our game rooms are available for all gamers. Here's a quick guide to the rooms for when you visit during an event.


The Portal Room

Down the stairs and to the right you'll find the Portal room. With room for 12 players, this room is often used for Pokemon, My Little Pony and as an extension for larger events that take place in the Bunker. 

The Portal Room at Games of Berkeley



The Bunker 

Our war gaming room is also used for our largest tournaments. Here you'll find enough space for over 20 players and a collection of miniature war gaming terrain that is free to use. 

The Bunker Game Room at Games of Berkeley


The Dungeon

The former owner did a great job of decorating this room and now it's the perfect space for your fantasy roleplaying games. 

The Dungeon Room at Games of Berkeley