Come play HeroClix! A collectible miniatures game where you assemble a team of comic book heroes or villains and duke it out on a massive board. The game characters are usually from the Marvel and DC Comics universes. This is your chance to have the Hulk have a go at Superman or the Wolverine! 


Formats and prices vary. Join our secret Facebook group for details



7pm - 9pm

Bring your own HeroClix or just come as a spectator! New players always welcome.
Games takes place in the backroom fo Games of Berkeley.
Event run by Thomas




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You can find the store across the street from the Downtown Berkeley Bart station and just one block from the UC Berkeley Campus. Parking is right across Center Street. 

2151 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, California 94704

Phone: 510-540-7822
Email: info@gamesofberkeley.com





Bring your team of superheroes and prepare for battle!