Learn to Play Go - Mondays

Go. The game of black and white stones laid on a grid. Take turns placing stones on intersections; try to cut off your opponent’s stones from clear intersections; whoever controls the most clear intersections in the end wins. That’s it, but the game’s thousands of years old, wonderfully complicated, and beautiful (in the interplay of black and white) to watch and play. 


Responsible for the event is the Berkeley Go Club; a group of people dedicated to playing, teaching, and promoting the ancient game of Go, known as weiqi 圍棋 in Chinese, igo 囲碁 in Japanese, baduk 바둑 in Korean. They will be very happy to welcome you at our store and teach you how to play.

Questions?  berkeleygoclub@gate.net



6pm - 9pm: FREE!

Come learn to play Go or just test your skills against others. 
Come back Thursdays for competitive play!


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You can find us across the street from the Downtown Berkeley Bart station and just one block from the UC Berkeley Campus. Parking is right across Center Street. 

2151 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, California 94704

Phone: 510-540-7822
Email: info@gamesofberkeley.com



Learn to play GO from Berkeley's best.


Boards are provided. No need to bring your own unless you have a favorite one.