Magic Drafts Tournaments

Drafts are events where each player opens booster packs to make a deck. To participate in this event we recommend you are familiar with playing Magic the Gathering.



5pm: $15

5:30pm: $15


Making the deck 

After everyone is seated at a table, you open one pack at a time and take only one card, then you pass that pack to your neighbor. When you get a pack from your neighbor, repeat until the pack is exhausted. You should review the cards you drafted before opening the next pack.

Decks have a minimum size of 40 cards and we provide basic lands. To make the deck, choose 23 of the 45 (3 booster packs) cards you drafted and add 17 lands(basic or better ones from the draft).

Tournament rules

Your opponent is chosen using swiss pairings, which means you will play against someone who has the same number of wins as you. It also means that players are not dropped from the tournament when they can no longer win prizes.

Each round has a 50 minute time limit. After 50 minutes, your game will have a limit placed on the number of turns before the game ends in a tie. The current turn after 50 minutes is given the name turn zero, and the next players turn is turn one.

When turn five ends, the game is over. If a player wins during the numbered turns, that player wins as normal. If no player has more wins after turn 5, the match is a tie, which counts as partial win for both players when making pairings for the next round.


We give prizes out based on record instead of rank.
If you beat 3 people, your record would be 3-0. If you win 2 rounds and tie the other, your record would be 2-0-1(for 2 wins, 0 losses, 1 tie).

  • $20 store credit for 3-0
  • $15 store credit for 2-0-1
  • $10 store credit for 2-1
  • $5 store credit for 1-1-1


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