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This is a contest for our Newsletter subscribers, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers that lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Read on for your chance to win a copy of New York 1901!

In New York 1901, relive the historic years of the founding of New York that led to what the city is today. Build bigger and higher skyscrapers on some of Lower Manhattan’s most iconic streets (Wall Street, Broadway, Nassau, Cedar and Pine). Raise one of 4 legendary skyscrapers, the Park Row, the Singer, the Metropolitan Life or the mythical Woolworth and make one of them the crown jewel of your real estate empire! - Blue Orange Games

How to win a copy of New York 1901:

- Tell us why you want the game on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and use hashtag #NewYork1901

- Also; Come play New York 1901 on Aug 6 at Hotel Durant for an extra chance to win the game!

- One lucky winner will be announced here on August 7th, 2015*

How to win an exclusive expansion pack to New York 1901:

- Tweet us or Instagram us a picture of your nearest 'skyscraper' and use hashtag #NewYork1901

Also; Come play New York 1901 on Aug 6 at Hotel Durant for an extra chance to win an expansion

- Five lucky winners will be picked on August 7th, 2015* 


How to get a free New York 1901 pin:

- Come visit us in store and ask if we have more pins left. We'll give them out on a first-come, first-served basis! Starting July 25th! 


Additional Expansion Packs 

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*Winners must be able to pick up their prizes from our store by August 31, 2015



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Play test copy at the store

We'll also have a copy of the game available at our Game Library for you to play. Come visit the store to try it out.