Magic the Gathering Events

We run all types of Magic the Gathering events from FNM (Friday Night Magic) to special Magic the Gathering events for set releases etc. To participate in Magic the Gathering events we recommend you are familiar with playing the card game, but feel free to come by during an event to observe and learn the game. New players are always welcome.


Friday Night Magic!

Games of Berkeley arranges regular Magic the Gathering events every Friday starting at 5pm. Our Friday Night Magic events are open to all ages and skill levels. Bring your deck(s) and meet up with other players who are looking for a fun night of casual magic.

This is a great event for new players who want to learn to play, ask questions, and get to know the Magic community. For our more veteran players, this is a great opportunity to share your passion for Magic, trade cards and play your favorite formats!
You are welcome to bring any deck, or decks you like, from the standard 60 card to a 100 card Commander deck, or maybe Pauper is more your style!

Special Events

See our Facebook page for special event announcements.