Arkham Horror: Invoke Thy Name Event FREE Ticket- Dec 16th


We currently have 16 remaining.

Come join Games of Berkeley's first Arkham Horror event!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the more limited availability of product this year, we are offering two ticket options. This ticket will reserve you a seat in the event, but you will NOT receive promo items.

If you would like to come play and also get promos from the event you can PURCHASE A TICKET HERE!

This event will start at 12:00 PM

This year's kit offers:

  • Daisy Walker alternate art cards
  • Gorgeously horrific playmats featuring Eixodolon’s Pet
  • Daisy Walker tokens

A New Way to Play

In addition to the fantastic prizes, Invocation Kits offer a new twist to Arkham Horror: The Card Game gameplay: Ultimatums. With these, you can challenge yourself, forcing you to reevaluate strategies and discover an entirely new level of madness.

Before you begin play, whether it be a single scenario or an entire campaign, you must choose one or more Ultimatums. Each Ultimatum is a restriction, limitation, or additional rule that makes the game harder for that group of investigators. Groups are not forced to choose any particular Ultimatum, and the choice of which Ultimatum(s) to enable must be unanimous among all investigators in the group. Once enabled, the choice is permanent throughout the duration of the event. 

Below is a sampling of the Ultimatums included in Invocation Kit:

  • Ultimatum of Dread: Do not skip the mythos phase during the first round of each game.
  • Ultimatum of Chaos: Each player’s starting deck of 30 non-signature, non-weakness cards must be selected at random from among all eligible options in that player’s collection.
  • Ultimatum of Induction: Investigator decks can only contain level 0 cards. Investigators cannot earn or spend experience.
  • Ultimatum of Finality: Campaign Mode only. If an investigator is defeated by physical damage, they are killed. If an investigator is defeated by mental damage, they are driven insane.

For more info about this event check it out here!

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