Bay Area Regional Planner


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2-12 players  |  60-120 min  |  Website


Where will you zone for more homes? Get ready to negotiate!


The San Francisco Bay Area faces a housing crisis. With far more people wanting to live here than there are homes, rents have risen to record heights. However, building new housing isn't easy, with concerns about traffic, views, gentrification, and open space, to name just a few. Still, the problem can be solved, though not by San Francisco alone. You'll have to plan and build regionally. In Bay Area Regional Planner, you'll be given some policy goals to fulfill. On each round, you'll negotiate with the other players to decide where to zone for more housing. Everyone must be in agreement, so get ready to compromise and make coalitions!


Designed in by Alfred Twu, Berkeley, CA

Locally Grown Game. Availability subject to seasonal fluctuations.

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