Lord of the Rings: The Woodland Realm Event FREE Ticket - Sept 23rd


The time has come once again for one of our most requested events, The Lord of the Rings Fellowship Event. If you are unfamiliar with Fellowship events, or would like to see what is new this year, you can check out all the awesome details here.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the more limited availability of product this year, we are offering two ticket options. This ticket will reserve you a seat in the event, but you will NOT receive promo items.

If you would like to come play and also get promos from the event you can PURCHASE A TICKET HERE!

This event will start at 12:00 PM

This year's kit offers:

  • Core Set Éowyn alternate art cards
  • Gorgeous playmats featuring a map of Gandalf starting on his path into Mirkwood
  • The Woodland Realm Decks



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