Magic the Gathering: Kaladesh 2 Headed Giant Sealed Prelease - Sept 24


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Come one and all! Open your eyes, your ears, and your imaginations to wonders of Kaladesh. Experience it here at Games of Berkeley!

Kaladesh is the first set in the Kaladesh block for Magic: The Gathering and features 264 new cards.

The event will be on September 24th and sign ups start at 4pm. Tournament starts at 5pm!

You will be added to the registered list, but please check in before the tournament starts at 5pm.

Prizes for 2HG for each player are:

3-0: $24 Store Credit

2-0-1: $18 Store Credit

2-1: $12 Store Credit

1-1-1: $6 Store Credit

Each player receives one Kaladesh Prerelease pack
Then the team combines packs and makes two 40 card decks
They will then play 1 game each against 3 different teams over 3 rounds

Watch the story unfold on the Kaladesh website!

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