Netrunner Store Championship 2018 - Feb 10th


We currently have 15 remaining.

In store Sign ups/Check in starts at 10:00AM

Championship begins at 11:00AM.

The tournament cannot start until all decklist are turned. Please fill out your deck list in advance so that we can keep things running on time

Sign up to the FB event for more info and updates.


By purchasing an online ticket you will be added to the registered list, but please check in before 11:45am in store.

!!!Price is subject to change on day of event if 11 players or less are present but would like to participate, the players will need to pay the difference of the kit to cover the cost. Thank you for understanding.


Bring your best decks and join us for this year's Store Championships! 

Store Championships kick off Organized Play each year in style. With Store Championships, you will find players of varying skill, more prizes than your weekly game night or league, and loads of fun. Store Championships are also a great chance to play in a more competitive event at your local store and vie for bragging rights and the title of Store Champion.

Player who participate will be provided prizes from the FFG Netrunner Store Championship Kit which includes:  

Glamour and Stealth

Store Championships for Android: Netrunner provide you with a great opportunity to test out your newest decks and toy with all the new tricks available to your Corps and Runners.

They're also a step up from the Critical Run events supported by the regular Android: Netrunner tournament kits, and as a result, they don't just come with local bragging rights; they also come with a hefty bundle of exclusive prizes. And the best part? You can walk away with a healthy ROI, even if you never make the top tables!

  • Top 32: Alternate art Fisk Investment Seminar. When you take Fisk's advice, the Runner wins. The Corp wins, too. Everybody wins! It's just up to you to make sure you win more.
  • Top 8: Custom deck box. While Laramy Fisk may be happy to use his fame as sleight-of-hand, drawing attention away from his illicit activities, the Shaper known as "Smoke" is all about Stealth. She's shown her face on her daily casts, as well as this deck box, but it's her ability to conduct runs cleanly—without leaving traces of her activity—that allows her to remain a free woman.
  • Top 4: Playmat featuring Smoke. There are two primary dimensions to Android: Netrunner—the meat world and the virtual realm. The place where things are physically present and the place where digital activities occur. In your face and behind the scenes… This dichotomy comes to life in vibrant colors with the Top 4 playmat, which features Smoke behind the scenes and projected larger-than-life while delivering her daily casts.
  • Top 2: Set of acrylic virus tokens. Infest corporate servers in style with these custom, red-and-gold acrylic virus tokens. The biohazard symbol ensures there's no mistaking them for credits, advancement tokens, or power tokens. In fact, they're so clear and loud and "in your face" that they make it all the more amusing to watch the Corp struggle to decide whether or not it's worth spending an entire turn just to purge them.
  • Champion: Art plaque and Regional Championship bye. Commemorate your victory—and your unparalleled dominance of the network—with an art plaque featuring Ele "Smoke" Scovak, and carry your victory forward by turning it into a free first-round bye at your Android: Netrunner Regional Championship. There, you can continue your runs against the corps… possibly even to help them invest more shrewdly!


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