Pop-Up Gen Con - Bottle&CanHammer COMBATANT - Sun 8/4


We currently have 0 remaining.

Online registration for this event is now closed BUT in-store signups are available until start of event or sold out!

Warhammer 40K enthusiasts 21 years or older are welcome to join us 7PM-10PM Sunday of Pop-Up Gen Con for our very first after-hours BOTTLE&CANHAMMER event!

GoB will be closed to the general public, and ID will be checked at the door. Tickets for this event are limited to 16 COMBATANTS and 16 SPECTATORS (designated drivers, hecklers, etc). If tickets are not sold out by the date of the event, they will be available at the register on a walk-in basis.

The ticket you are purchasing from this webpage is for a COMBATANT.

If you wish to purchase a SPECTATOR ticket, click the following text: WATCH THE UNIVERSE BURN

Match Rules:

The rules are simple: play regular games of Warhammer 40k/Age of Sigmar, of which we recommend lower point games, or multiplayer, or just go full on Apocalypse (insert burp here). However there will only be 2 additional rules; "BY THE WILL OF THE CAN-GODS", which will be an overarching rule, and all factions will have access to this Stratagem "CANS FOR THE CANS GODS, BOTTLES FOR THE BOTTLES THRONE!" These rules will be present for all gaming sessions that are taking place during this event.

BY THE WILL OF THE CAN-GODS: If at anytime from the start of the first Battle Round onward any player has finished consuming any bottled or canned item, of which consumption began by at least the Deployment portion of the game, that player may place that (cleaned) item onto the gaming table as a new piece of impassable terrain. This new impassable terrain will have the same dimensions and footprint as-is, however line of sight cannot be drawn through it. There are no limitations as to the amount that may be placed at any one time by this rule.

"CANS FOR THE CANS GODS, BOTTLES FOR THE BOTTLES THRONE!": 1CP - Used during force mustering, after opponents were found. Save up to 3 previously used Bottle and/or Cans that were consumed during the event that can be used for the rule "BY THE WILL OF THE CAN-GODS". CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE PER GAME.

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