Shadow Throne


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3-5 players  |  30-45 min  |  Ages 14 and up  |  Website  |  Kickstarter Game


The Kingdom is crumbling.

The king maintains his rule with brutal force while the queen leads a rebellion to overthrow him. The princess has disavowed both of her parents and now leads the church.

You and the other players, as members of a secret society, hold sway over the empire, but your job is not to set it right. You just want to be on the winning side when the fighting finally ends. By weaving Machiavellian alliances and determining the outcome of crucial battles, you’ll accrue influence for when the war resolves. In the end, the king, the queen, or the princess may wear the crown, but you will rule from the shadow throne.

Shadow Throne is a drafting, hand management game. Each round is an important battle in the war. Players start the battle by drafting a hand of cards, which represents taking control of characters. Players then play cards from their hands to determine which faction wins the battle. Finally, players on the winning side collect influence points. Once one player has gained enough influence, he or she wins the game!


Designed in by Teale Fristoe, Berkeley |  Facebook  |  Twitter 
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