Star Wars Destiny Store Championship - Aug 26th


We currently have 14 remaining.

In store Sign ups/Check in starts at 12:00PM   Championship begins at 1:00PM 


It's GoB's Star Wars Destiny Store Championship for 2018!
What will you bring to your local Store Championships? Will you play with the top decks from the World Championships, or will you bring decks designed to surprise your opposition? The 2018 Store Championships are here, and now's the time to modify your decks.

Standard format constructed tournament. Relaxed tier Swiss rounds and prizes from the official Fantasy Flight Store Championship Kit.


By purchasing an online ticket you will be added to the registered list, but please check in 15 minutes before the event starts in store.
!!!Price is subject to change on day of event if 11 players or less are present but would like to participate, the players will need to pay the difference of the kit to cover the cost. Thank you for understanding.

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