Events Info & Calendar

Join us for one of our scheduled events such as Pathfinder Society, Tabletop Thursday, Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, and more! We have 4 game rooms, additional play space on the sales floor, and events every day of the week.

Unless otherwise indicated, scheduled events require a $5 deposit per participant. That deposit is returned in the form of a $5 coupon that can be used toward the purchase of any product in our store. Use them, save them, trade them -- it's up to you!

Big, store-wide events like International TableTop Day or Free RPG Day are often free.

To learn about kids' participation in events, CLICK HERE.

Interested in reserving space for your own event? CLICK HERE for more information.


You can also explore our Game Library! It includes more than 350 games in all categories, from bestsellers like Catan and Pandemic to more obscure titles like Hungry Hungry Hipsters and The Doom that Came to Atlantic City.

So long as game rooms aren't reserved or the tables on the sales floor aren't being used for other store business, you can use our game collection right here, any time we're open! The same $5 deposit applies as with scheduled events, but you get to play for as long as we have space for you, and you receive a $5 store credit coupon in return.


For additional info on any event:



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