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PLEASE NOTE: Our game rooms are currently being renovated and remodeled for a pending return to event hosting. You can stay informed by subscribing to our various social media outlets!

Games of Berkeley has approximately 1,500 square feet of gaming space, with 4 game rooms, additional tables on the sales floor, and a library of nearly 500 board and card games to choose from. Seven days a week, you can join us for scheduled events or casual game play, right here at the store (scroll down for our calendar).

(Please CLICK HERE for important information regarding children's participation in events and casual game play.)



We host scheduled events all year long for a variety of tabletop gaming systems, activities, and interests. Click the following links for additional info regarding each of the named categories:

Trading, Collectible, and Living Card Games (Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, Arkham Asylum, etc.)

Role-Playing and Miniature Wargames (Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer 40,000, etc.)

Board Gaming and other Special Events (Tabletop Thursday, Paint Night, Young Generals, etc.)

Unless otherwise indicated, scheduled events generally cost $5 to attend. Big, store-wide events like Free RPG Day are often free to attend.

Interested in reserving space for your own event?CLICK HERE for information.



Our Game Library is ideal for trying a game before you buy it, or for casual drop-in play with friends and family. You can explore nearly 500 titles across several categories and game mechanics, from bestsellers like Catan and Pandemic to more obscure games like Hungry Hungry Hipsters and The Doom that Came to Atlantic City.

The three smallest rooms in our play space are always reserved for events or store tasks, but so long as tables in the largest game room and sales floor aren't in use or reserved, you're welcome to play on them any time we're open! The same $5 fee per person applies as described above for scheduled events, and you get to play for as long as we have space for you.



Click on individual events in this calendar for details about each. You may also find event information in our FACEBOOK LISTINGS, or email us via [email protected] for any additional info you may require.