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Games of Berkeley has provided the greater Bay Area with games, toys, activities, gifts, and a lot in between for over 4 decades.

Thanks to our long history and deep stock, we may have the largest game selection on the West Coast, and can help you find just about any game you're looking for. Our store is stuffed wall-to-wall with board games, jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, outdoor items, novelties, and a whole lot more.


Holiday Season Hours:

  • Monday  12pm - 9pm 
  • Tuesday  12pm - 9pm (as of November)
  • Wednesday  12pm - 9pm
  • Thursday  12pm - 9pm
  • Friday  12pm - 9pm
  • Saturday  12pm - 9pm
  • Sunday  12pm - 7pm


COVID-19 Precautions (updated 6/24/23)

Games of Berkeley is relaxing our COVID-19 precautions a bit.

  • Wearing a protective mask is now encouraged, but optional, on our sales floor.
  • Wearing a protective mask is required for anyone using our gaming rooms, whether for a scheduled event, a reserved game, or drop-in use.
  • We prefer that patrons bring their own masks, but we still provide them free of charge to those who have not.

SPECIAL NOTE: There are still plenty of people for whom COVID-19 remains a threat, whether that's because they're immune-compromised, unable to be vaccinated, can't afford to be away from work for the necessary isolation period, or any number of other reasons. That's why GoB has required the use of masks for as long as we have -- their primary effectiveness has always been in protecting those who the wearer is interacting with, and less so the other way around.

In 2022 alone, we provided 40,000 masks to patrons and employees. For the past year (and longer) we've variously received thanks, surprise, incredulity, derision, anger, and even threats of violence in response to our policies. GoB's floor staff has borne the brunt of these responses, the negative ones causing them more stress than they should have had to endure.

So now, as local, state, and federal agencies are reducing or abandoning their tangible support of preventive and safety measures, GoB's owners can no longer open our staff members to what would likely be more of that kind of negative treatment by a very small -- but very vocal -- percentage of those coming in our door. Hence the relaxed policies.

As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding as this public health issue continues.


Contact us:

Phone: 510-540-7822

Email: [email protected]



Our 4 gaming rooms were renovated in 2021, including new decorations, premium gaming tables, and climate control/ventilation. Here and on the sales floor wargaming table, you can join a regular event such as Magic: The Gathering meetups, Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, Warhammer 40K skirmishes, and more. Or check with us ahead of time for availability of open gaming space and access to our Game Library.

CLICK HERE for more info about events, and to see our calendar.


Work at Games of Berkeley

We're not always hiring, but do keep resumes on file for long periods of time. If you're great with games and people, email us via [email protected] with your resume and a short introduction.