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Kids Learn & Grow Through Games

We're all about enthusiasm here at Games of Berkeley. Games, toys, puzzles, etc—these are all things for which people come to us to experience joy and fun. It is endlessly rewarding when we get to be a part of a child's fun, whether their just stopping in for a visit or participating in an event.

We love having kids in the store, introducing them to strategy games, role-playing, miniatures & hobbying, collecting & playing cards with friends, and much more. We are honored that so many parents & guardians think of Games of Berkeley as the kind of place we aim to be: a safe, welcoming spot where where children may explore and enjoy themselves without worry or fear.

That being said:

Most children behave perfectly reasonably when left to their own devices, and many know how to get in contact with their responsible adults in case of emergency; but not all of them. As a business we optimistically anticipate awesomeness, but also realistically prepare for the unfortunate.

Bluntly, Games of Berkeley is not a childcare facility. While we enthusiastically encourage kids to participate in our events and casual game play, it's not appropriate to simply drop one's children off here by themselves for any period of time without prior arrangements. Our staff and event organizers are trained to handle certain emergency situations, but are not responsible for disciplining unruly youngsters, and must be able to contact parents or guardians if an emergency arises.

To that end, Games of Berkeley has implemented the following guidelines for our events regarding minors:

  1. Those under 10 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who will remain within close sight and earshot of the child to the extent reasonably practicable during the child's participation.
  2. Those aged 10 to 15 may participate without a parent or guardian present, so long as a completed Consent Form (LINK) is on file, submitted in person by the parent or guardian.
  3. Those aged 16 and older may participate without parental accompaniment or written permission.
  4. All event and game library participants, regardless of age, must adhere to Games of Berkeley's "House Rules". (LINK)
  5. Participation by minors in events run by non-employees is at the discretion of the individual event organizers or game masters.

Thanks for your understanding, and for your continued support of our business. If you have any questions regarding participation in events or would like to submit a Consent Form via email, please contact Sam at [email protected].