Pelgrane Press HILLFOLK


In an arid badlands, squeezed between mighty empires, your people hunger. Your neighbors have grain, cattle, gold. You have horses and spears, courage and ambition. Together with those you love and hate, you will remake history—or die.

Hillfolk, the new game of Iron Age conflict from acclaimed designer Robin D. Laws, introduces to the roleplaying world his DramaSystem rules engine.
You know those magical game sessions where the dice and rules fall away, and the entire group spontaneously enters a collective zone of pure story and character? DramaSystem’s basic structure reproduces that dynamic on demand.

DramaSystem’s key dynamic is based on the way character interplay occurs in fiction, movies, theater and television. It gives you the all the foundation you need to collectively weave rich, extended narratives. Then it gets out of your way. 

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