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1 Apr 2020
by Erik Bigglestone

We've spread Games of Berkeley's little tentacles into a variety of the internet's corners. The following list shows where you can find all the different places we're doing stuff. Click on each item's title for its link:


  • COVID-19 Updates - This is the blog page where we put general updates, including the list of affiliate publishers who offer direct purchase programs that support game stores like GoB.
  • Shopping - Our online catalog may be found here. Some items are ready to be drop-shipped to you directly from publishers -- a list of those publishers can be found at the end of this webpage.



  • Twitch - Recently created account we'll be using for livestreams, including Tuesday Paint Nights.
  • YouTube - Primarily older videos, we are working on adding more content to this, including vlog updates during the pandemic closure.


  • Ad Astra - https://www.adastragames.com/ - If a customer lists a game store (and the game store's email address), we will PayPal 25% of the MSRP of the products they ordered from us to the game store they specify. We've also offered a discount for shipping games without boxes (BOXLESS2020).
  • Arcane Wonders - https://www.shop.arcanewonders.com - Retailers who refer their customers to our site should ask them to write in the name/city/state of their local game store in the comments section of the order during checkout. We will reach out to that store and send them 25% of the total purchase price.
  • Blue Orange Games - https://www.gamesofberkeley.com/shipping-now/ - Order one or more of several bundles from our website, and Blue Orange ships it to you!
  • Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - https://www.gamesofberkeley.com/shipping-now/ - Order one or more of several bundles from our website, and Crazy Aaron's ships it to you!
  • Deep Water Games - https://www.deepwatergaming.com/ - Offering 25% reimbursement if customers leave a note with their LGS’s contact info.
  • Drawlab Entertainment - https://www.drawlab.com/ - Donating 20% of all orders to your FLGS. All you have to do is put their name in the notes section at check out. The more info you give of course the easier it will be for us to reach out to them.
  • DUST USA - https://www.gamesofberkeley.com/brands/dust-usa/ - Order from our website, and their fulfillment center in Georgia ships directly to you!
  • Fireside Games - https://firesidegames.com/ - Offering 25% off all products on their website. And if customers name your favorite local game store in the Order Notes section, they will send that store 25% of payment received. 
  • Fog of Love - https://www.fogoflove.com/ - Donating 20% of all orders to FLGS if a customer leaves store’s information in the notes section at check out.
  • Forbidden Games - https://www.forbidden.games - Donating 50% of their online consumer sales to FLGS when customers leave a comment mentioning their store name, city, and state.
  • Gate Keeper Games - https://www.gatekeepergaming.com/ - When customers buy online we donate to their FLGS of choice!We're donating 15% of our online sales to the FLGS of each customer's choice when customers leave a comment mentioning store name, city, and state.
  • Geek Grind Coffee - https://geekgrindcoffee.com/?p=r1kIuXtIL - A portion of any sales through that custom link go to GoB. Coffee, drinkware, and more!
  • Grand Gamers Guild - https://store.grandgamersguild.com/ - Grand Gamers Guild will donate 20% of our online sales to the FLGS noted in comments.
  • Greenbrier Games - https://greenbrier-games-inc.myshopify.com/ - Any purchases made on our website over the foreseeable future will also go to your favorite game shop if you list their website in the Company option on your address! As more lockdowns begin, we want to do what we can to help shops that can't safely open their doors right now. For now all our games are 25% off and then an additional 25% of sales will go to the retailer of your choice.
  • HABA - https://www.habausa.com - 10% off and free shipping with an order of $30 or more, with a portion of the sale going to GoB if you use this coupon code: LGVSFK8MX8
  • Hi Fructose - Art publisher that produced the gorgeous 2-person card-throwing game Vampires vs. Unicorns is offering 50% of your purchase of the game to Games of Berkeley! Available in a STANDARD version and as a special BUNDLE, enter the word "GOB" in the notes when you check out.
  • IELLO USA - https://iellousa.com/ - On the checkout screen, you’ll see a place to fill in the name of your local game store, as well as the city and state they are located in. To support our retail partners in this time of crisis we’re going to split the net profits of every sale with them.
  • Japanime Games - https://japanimegames.com/ - Offering 50% of their online sales of in-stock product if customers leave a note with their FLGS as well.
  • KTBG / Burnt Island Games - https://www.kidstablebg.com/ and www.burntislandgames.com - Starting April 1st, donating 20% of net funds raised from their stores to any FLGS that is named in the comments of customers’ web purchases.
  • Metallic Dice Games - https://metallicdicegames.com/ - Donating 50% of their online sales to FLGS when customers leave a comment mentioning store, city, and state name.
  • Pelgrane Press - https://site.pelgranepress.com/ - Get a slice of our online sales when your customers email their April 2020 Pelgrane webstore order number and your store name to [email protected], and we'll donate 20% of the sale amount to your store.
  • Portal Games US - https://portalgamesus.com/discount/BERKELEY - Use coupon code BERKELEY for 10% off the order.
  • PvP Geeks - https://shop.playskytear.com/en/ - Donating 50% of the order to a store mentioned in the order notes. Please help us reach out to the store by inserting phone number or email in the order notes.
  • R&R Games - https://www.rnrgames.com/ - Offering 30% off any product during this period of social distancing. Use coupon code stayNplayAtHome. Mention your favorite FLGS by emailing your order number to [email protected] and we will donate 25% of the sale amount to that store.
  • Sirius Dice - https://www.siriusdice.com/products - Retailers will receive 50% of any sale when the customer mentions store name during checkout.
  • Smirk & Dagger - https://www.smirkanddagger.com/ - We are starting by promoting our recently launched The Deadlies, with a 25% donation to the buyer's favorite FLGS. This will continue to our full line in the coming days.
  • Squamous Studios - http://www.feedtheshoggoth.com/product/feed-the-shoggoth-game/ - Type "GoB" in the Notes at checkout, and Games of Berkeley receives 50% of the game's sale price.
  • Squishable - https://www.gamesofberkeley.com/shipping-now/ - Order one or more massive-scale plush toys from our website, and Squishable ships it to you!
  • White Wizard Games - https://www.shop.whitewizardgames.com/ - White Wizard will share 25% of online sales that come from store referrals. We have reduced the price on individual games by 25% on our site, and we also have quite a few bundles with even bigger discounts. Your customers can buy from the White Wizard Games Store, we will ship their products to them, and you will get 25% of the sale price.
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